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Who am I…?

My name is Bruce Burton. I was born in Philadelphia and cared for by two loving parents. Parents who have instilled in me the true meaning of helping people. My dream has been to be in a position where I could assist others.  

In 1994, I acted on an aspiration and became a barber and in 1998, I became sole proprietor of The Original Pretty Boyz Barber Shop. I knew that becoming an entrepreneur would provide me with the opportunity to employ the “hard to employ” and many others. Although the road to success has not been easy, I knew that with hard work and determination I would achieve.  

I studied, critiqued my skill, and built a client base of well reputable individuals that encompass the tri-state area. Over the years, I have learned a great deal from my clientele based on their vast cultural, educational, and occupational expertise. 

For the children that I serve, I model by example. I do this to demonstrate that they too, are capable of achieving their goals. I am truly blessed to be able to have the opportunity to fulfill my dreams and assist others in the process. It is my hope to continue to do what I love to do, and strive for even greater accomplishments in the future.